Broken Manual

Broken Manual by Alec Soth & Lester B. Morrison

Created over four years (2006-2010), Alec Soth’s newest book represents a significant departure from his previous publications. Entitled ‘Broken Manual,’ Soth investigates the places in which people retreat to escape civilization. Soth photographs monks, survivalists, hermits and runaways,but this isn’t a conventional documentary book on life “off the grid.” Instead, working with the writer Lester B. Morrison, the authors have created an underground instruction manual for those looking to escape their lives.

It is common for artists to follow up the publication of their books with ‘Special Editions,’ but in the case of Broken Manual, this edition is being presented first. Made in an edition of 300, Soth calls this the ‘Ideal Edition’ of Broken Manual. Each copy of the book is housed inside of another, one-of-a-kind book. These signed and numbered ‘shell’ books are unique and cut by hand. Inside the shell, there is also a small booklet entitled ‘Liberation Billfold Manifest’ and an 8×10” print signed and numbered by Alec Soth and Lester B. Morrison.

Special Editon of 300 copies

Softcover 21 cm x 29.7 cm, housed in its own unique book-safe, with a signed and numbered Alec Soth photograph and a small booklet.


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Price will increase after the sale of the first 50 copies of the edition.

Installation view of 300 copies of Broken Manual Special Edition at Walker Art Center, 7 September 2010


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  1. I think it is ridiculous that a book like this which is such a great idea, is so expensive. I think it it should be available to people who aren’t in touch with art at all, make it understandable for them. In this wit it is just a pretty expensive ‘instruction manual. Which will sell anyway because there’s a name on it!

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