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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUcy8dBkpmw&w=640&h=390]
I’m thrilled that the documentary film, Somewhere To Disappear, is beginning to make its way out into the world. There are three screenings coming up soon:

MINNEAPOLIS: Monday, May 2nd, 7pm at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Film Festival. (I’ll be at the screening).

TORONTO: Thursday May 5th at 7pm and Saturday, May 7th at 1:15pm at the HotDocs Festival. (The filmmakers will be at the screening).

NEW YORK: Monday, May 9th at 8pm at The New School. (Both the filmmakers and I will be at the screening).

13 Responses to “3 screenings of SOMEWHERE TO DISAPPEAR”

  1. Nick says:

    any screenings planned in Europe?
    looking forward to see it


  2. Hey, don’t forget about San Francisco!

  3. Roger May says:

    Alec and company,

    It’d be great to see this at Duke’s Center for Documentary Studies. Pleeeeeaaaaaaaassssssee!


  4. LBM says:

    Thanks for the interest. Since this isn’t my film, I have nothing to do with its distribution. But if you are interested in bringing the film to Duke, SF or elsewhere, I recommend emailing the producer here: info@mas-films.com

  5. It should be screened at “O Cinema” in Miami! Any plans to come down south with it?

  6. Alejandra says:

    Can´t wait to see it. There is something that has captured my attentions from what I’ve seen from the trailer and the book. Why there are no hermit or ‘lonely’ women? Have you asked this? Any theories?

    Good luck with the film and have always loved ur work!

  7. LBM says:

    Hi Alejandra, hermit women certainly exist, but I very specifically just wanted to photograph men for this project. As for the reason, that would take about a couple sessions on the therapist’s couch.

  8. Aaron S says:

    I just emailed the producers, I would love to see this documentary in Nashville sometime soon. Perhaps if you come Alec, I can show you the best cup of coffee in town.


  9. Alec,

    I think this film would be perfect viewing for the Edinburgh Int. Film Festival. As with previous postees, I’ll contact the producers. Your ‘Broken Manual’ project/photobook is fantastic – congratulations and best of luck with the film and your postcard journey….


  10. LBM says:

    Thanks Peter!

  11. Having it in Europe would be great..

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