Good day for Soth / bad day for Spam

Posted in Flotsam by Alec Soth on August 31st, 2010

After months of dealing with hackers, we finally moved and to a new host/server. There have been a few bumps in the road but things seem to be working. Thanks for your patience.

Meanwhile, today I began installing my exhibition at the Walker Art Center. Can’t tell you how good it feels to move from the scale model to the real space. And I’m SO SO HAPPY with the show. The first thing I said upon seeing the work was “maybe my career isn’t over.” Speaking of which, today the fantastic curator Bartholomew Ryan posted an interview with me entitled: Dismantling My Career: A Conversation with Alec Soth.

I hope to post more installation pictures this week on on Tumblr / Facebook / Twitter.

Stay Tuned,

9 Responses to “Good day for Soth / bad day for Spam”

  1. utrecht commisary says:

    curious about the hackers – is it because you get so much traffic?

  2. LBM says:

    I wish I knew the answer Utrecht. Fortunately we have a pro helping us whip things into shape, so I’m optimistic that we’re in the clear.

  3. Philip says:

    Have you read ‘Lord Jim’? For me this is the ultimate escapist/withdraw story, among others by Conrad.

  4. Jason Hobbs says:

    Hi Alec,

    Do you have any plans to tour the show? Maybe to England, hint, hint.

  5. alec says:

    He Jason, I very much want this show to tour overseas. Crossing my fingers.

  6. anon says:

    The first thing I said upon seeing the work was “maybe my career isn’t over.”

    OMG, Alec, so odd to hear you say that. I’m a photographer, have been all my life, will never be a superstar like you — because that’s what you’ve become — admit it — magnum, great books, international shows. I’m a guy with a decent commercial career, paying the bills. Pretty sure I’ll never have a show at the Walker! We out here think of you as hardworking, creative, always doing new things, no self doubt… ok, maybe just a little… but we’re sure your career will be long and important. You’re too good and too smart to fail. Mark my words.


  7. chr says:

    great interview!! it feels very honest and true. thanks.

  8. Shellsey says:

    bring it east so i can see it in non-cyber reality!

  9. yvette says:

    very excited to see your new exhibit. i highly doubt your career is over. in fact, i’m bringing all ten of my coworkers at capsule to check it out next week!

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