“Summer has set in with its usual severity” Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Posted in Flotsam by LBM on July 8th, 2011

Forgive the silence on the blog of late. It has been a tumultuous couple of months. First there was the relatively short but seemingly epic Postcards From America road trip. Here’s a picture from Uncle Jackson’s shotgun:

Following that I was in Rome for three weeks working on a commission for FOTOGRAFIA – International Festival of Rome in which I photographed, among other things, a snake:

While in Europe I stopped by Paris for some exciting Magnum meetings:

Now I’m finally home for at least a week. One of the most exciting things about coming home was seeing this new book in the mail:

I still have a few more trips to go this summer. But soon enough I hope to be back in the digital saddle. Till then…

11 Responses to ““Summer has set in with its usual severity” Samuel Taylor Coleridge”

  1. Gymnopedie says:

    It just occurred to me how much you look like a young Michael McDonald:


  2. Bob Black says:

    yo, alec….this one is for you and the LBM crew…was going to say this was shot in Alec’ studio…but, u see the Maple leaf…:)))

    enjoy :) )


  3. Bob Black says:

    Lester ;) )))

    i had the same reaction brother, the same reaction! :) )))…

    back to my cave (8 weeks alone with photos and writing, mrs. b and little b off now)….

    holy bleep indeed ;) )


  4. When will we see some work from the Fotografia – International Festival of Rome? It looks and sounds super exciting!!!

  5. LBM says:

    The work from Rome can be seen as an exhibition and book this September.

  6. Bob Black says:

    lbm: another book for the lbm library…not quite broken manuel, but cool…

    my buddy oli pin-fat’s friend tiane printed in paris….


  7. Mark Innsbruck says:

    I see that Sleeping by the Mississippi made Martin Parr’s Photobooks of the Decade list. Congratulations!


  8. Wow, a snake in Rome ? Did you bring it from Mississippi or it was a roman snake ?
    robert :-)

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