“Summer has set in with its usual severity” Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Forgive the silence on the blog of late. It has been a tumultuous couple of months. First there was the relatively short but seemingly epic Postcards From America road trip. Here’s a picture from Uncle Jackson’s shotgun:

Following that I was in Rome for three weeks working on a commission for FOTOGRAFIA – International Festival of Rome in which I photographed, among other things, a snake:

While in Europe I stopped by Paris for some exciting Magnum meetings:

Now I’m finally home for at least a week. One of the most exciting things about coming home was seeing this new book in the mail:

I still have a few more trips to go this summer. But soon enough I hope to be back in the digital saddle. Till then…

11 Replies to ““Summer has set in with its usual severity” Samuel Taylor Coleridge”

  1. Lester ;))))

    i had the same reaction brother, the same reaction! :))))…

    back to my cave (8 weeks alone with photos and writing, mrs. b and little b off now)….

    holy bleep indeed ;))


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